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At Showcase BPI our tagline is “Your Work – Your Story”.

We believe that every project, every initiative, is driven by passionate people with a desire to improve, by people that care about positive culture and embracing new skills. Their stories of improvement, encompassing teamwork, knowledge, skills, abilities & achievements are at the very heart of your company’s core values.

Showcase BPI enables them to tell those stories and in so doing, capture the moments that make your company great.

Top priorities for every organisation are to employ the best people and be the top choice for customers in their field. To this end, large parts of every company’s revenues are expended on these two critical areas.

Higher employee retention is strategically linked to improved employee happiness, and creating a recognition-rich culture helps retain employees and reduce turnover costs.

Providing meaningful appreciation & building a truly engaged workforce allows employees to feel more connected with their co-workers, in-tune with company culture & in harmony with company values.

By Showcasing the elements that make your company great, you can transform how you present your organisation to current and future customers. So why not capture and Showcase the moments that will attract and retain customers and by doing so, have a recognition rich culture.

Remember, your employees are your #1 competitive advantage, so empower them to tell their stories.

The best source of innovation is within your organisation, your employees, so let Showcase BPI help you realise the brand advantage at your fingertips.

By increasing the visibility of your initiatives, you not only strengthen your relationship with employees and clients but also demonstrate, first hand, the expertise and focus throughout all aspects of your business.

By Showcasing the collective wisdom and experiences of your workforce, you will create an atmosphere that inspires both employees and customers and in so doing benefit from their collective brainpower.

the SKILLS they have acquired, the INNOVATIONS they have implemented and the POSITIVE CULTURE they have helped to build.

Company Culture is an integral part of every business, and whether strategically implemented or not, it’s there, so why not use it to your advantage and showcase it.

It isn’t always about the end result, it’s about the journey you take to get there and the relationships you built along the way. Growth and progress are evident in every step a company makes, the big and the small, Showcase BPI is here to help you to tell your story.

If your customers are happy, your business will continue to develop. Proving your employee’s dedication to making them happy is a great way to build long-term customer loyalty and to stay informed about your customers' wants and needs. Showcasing your customer focused initiatives, allows you to speak to them in a personal tone so they understand your intentions are focused and you will do your best to help their business. Your workforce being able to give first-hand accounts of how they respond to customer concerns builds trust and makes sure your customers know you recognise their importance to you. Showcase BPI enables active engagement between employees and customers in a positive setting, resulting in innovative ideas and happy customers.

We Integrate With Your People & Ecosystem

Showcase BPI is a window, which allows you to highlight achievements across all aspects of your business such as ESG, Quality, Production, Delivery, Service & Safety together with the people responsible for those Achievements, their Skills, Teamwork & Innovation. It provides a focused view to both employees and customers by shining a light on the otherwise hidden achievements of the individuals and teams that are constantly striving to improve the processes within your organisation. It can be a game changer for how you portray your business, with huge potential for those striving to create an inclusive workplace as well as driving innovation & customer relations.

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