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Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Work.

Growth and progress are evident in every step a company makes, the big and the small, at ShowcaseBPI we enable each employee to tell their story.

Top priorities for every organisation are to employ the best people and be the top choice for customers in their field. To this end, large parts of every company’s revenues are expended on these two critical areas.

Higher employee retention is strategically linked to .......

The best source of innovation is within your organisation, your employees, so let Showcase BPI help you realise the brand advantage at your fingertips.

By increasing the visibility......

If your customers are happy, your business will continue to develop. Proving your employee’s dedication to making them happy is a great way to build long-term customer loyalty and to stay informed .....

Company Culture is an integral part of every business, and whether strategically implemented or not, it’s.... 


Providing Meaningful Appreciation & Building a Truly Engaged & Inclusive Workforce. 

Our Mission is to Unlock the Untapped Potential of your Organisation.

Creating a Recognition-Rich Culture Through Your Numbers


Years of Experience


Initiatives Completed 




Tools Used


Industry Awards

Whether You Use Methodology's Or Not





Six Sigma




Are you looking to excite and engage not only your people but your customers too? We harness the work you do every day to do just that!

Showcase BPI is an intuitive information platform that will not only transform how every individual within your organisation views improvement initiatives, but will transform how you present your organisation to current and future customers. With no extra work required!

Currently individuals and teams embark on training and run Improvement Projects that are strategically aligned and result in sustained gains and success for your organisation. But when they are finished the legacy of their work can be forgotten over time as they move on to the next initiative and so on.

With Showcase BPI every organisation, no matter the size, has the power to retain and utilise the value of that work. It allows you to build and sustain a culture of continuous improvement by bringing your entire employee experience and success together in one place. The value of your people, their skillsets and commitment to both the organisation and its customers is placed front and centre.

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